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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Repeated Leaves

Once a manager joined the office and on the same day he received a leave application from his subordinate, as his grand mother had passed away. The manager, was sorry about the instance and granted him leave. In the process of filing the leave application in the concerned employee's file, he found that in four-five previous occasions too, he had requested leave on the death of his grand mother or grand father.

When the subordinate joined his duty, he summoned him in his cabin and scolded for cheating the organisation with false requests for leave.

The subordinate then replied , "Sir, the reason on my applications are not false. Look, first my original grand mother died, my grand father re-married and then he died, then the surviving grand mother re-married and when she died, my surviving grand father re-married and so on. Now my surviving grand father shall be marrying in the next month, then I shall be seeking leave for two days, SIR"
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